To Executives, Business Owners, Decision Makers, Marketing Departments… Of a Company Making More Than 1 Million Dollars a Year

Are You Looking To Land More Clients?

Things are good now, but want to reach new markets?

Too many leads but not converting enough leads to meet your goals?

Phone ringing or inbox stuffed with inquiries, and not getting enough of the right prospects?

Launch your business to the next level, and to do it… marketing is crucial.

When you have the right marketing messages set up with the systems and processes that make it work…. It becomes clear that your prospect is moving forward with the right company.   

With us, your prospects will be guided from start to the final sale, regardless if it’s a one-time buy or brought back to buy more month after month.

Each day that goes by is a loss of sales, time and energy.

Your prospects are praying you don’t discover how to market yourself, so they can save their money and spend it elsewhere.  

Your competitors would rather see you go out of businesses to make it easier on them because their marketing is weak and don’t know what to do about it.  

Marketing is the critical skill; it applies to everything you do in business, each email regardless if it’s to a prospect, a partnering company, vendors, suppliers, creditors, or employees within.

Marketing also applies to hire top-grade employees.  The message you put on a recruiting website is just as important as an ad you run for your product or service.

With a strong marketing message, you’ll be able to attract new top producers that will want to come work for you.  

The process

After our initial interview process with you, the only thing you’ll need to do is approve what we post.

We do the rest for you, laying a solid foundation then building from the ground up, creating everything for you.

So you can experience a pipeline full of fresh clients that you like working with.

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#1 Analyze

We review all current marketing material, analytics, along with the current processes and systems you already have in place.

Reviewing your marketing materials allows us to integrate seamlessly into your business with effectiveness and accuracy.

#2 Analyze Your Prospects And Customer

We dive deep into who your customers are and dig down to find out what their wants and needs are so we can specifically target them.

#3 Website Makeover

Making sure it’s mobile responsive and up to date with proper tracking to measure success.

Examine the content, links, keyword analysis, competitive analysis, split testing, heat map, and measure results.

We are happy to work with your current website developer to accomplish this.

#4 Google Maps (if applicable)

Make sure you’re showing up in the right place, with the correct information.

#5 Social Media

Send the right message to your potential prospects. Social media is then used for brand awareness and to increase trust, traffic, leads, sales, and loyalty.

#6 Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Retargeting

Directly target prospects, being sent at the right time with proper tracking in place.

Once leads continue to flow in, we will target other areas of your business. Includes social media advertising.

#7 GEO Targeting/Geo Fencing

Prominent ads are delivered directly to your target market’s smartphones and tablets.

We can pinpoint the specific geographical locations. What does this mean?

If you know where your clients hang out, they are now in your sights as a potential client.

#8 Email and Text

Send emails and texts with relevant content talking about your prospects needs ensures that prospect’s and customers are coming back to your website, keeping prospects engaged in your services.

#9 Print Advertising

Review all current marketing materials to ensure everything is sending your brand’s message.

#10 Content Creation

Create content that sends a message to increase awareness, traffic, trust, leads, sales, and loyalty.

The right content on your website, blogs, social media, emails, surveys, press releases, white papers, case studies, brochures, etc., focused on your entire business.

#11 Photography

Custom high-resolution photos, lighting and the proper background make a stunning difference.

Professional shots that capture the emotions that transfer to the prospect.

#12 Graphic Design

Use a design that grabs attention, giving you a professional look.

Includes designs on your website, ads, brochures and in emails.

A great design that is pleasing on the eye makes all the difference.

We’ll also check your logo to make sure it’s sending the correct message to customers.

#13 Video

We handle professional video production in the studio, with green screen available or on-site.

We will interview you or a representative from your office or use one of our professional spokespersons.

Create scripts that lead to action, bring in a teleprompter, have multiple camera angles, moving shots, even a drone camera if needed for a building view. We’ll add in sound effects and music.

The types of videos we create range from informational, instructional, interviews, events, webinars, presentations, tutorials, product reviews to animation, behind-the-scenes, live streaming, educational, documentaries, experience, company culture, public service announcements, FAQ, demonstration, personalized, sales, testimonial, fun and/or thank-you videos.

Videos used on your website, ads, blogs, Youtube channel, Facebook and TV commercials, etc.

#14 SEO

Staying on top of the search engines, once we find out what works through extensive tracking, we then focus on organic search.

Lowering your paid search expenses.

When The Automatic Sales Funnel Machine is complete

You’ll have leads coming in with a lower acquisition cost, faster sales cycles, and increased ROI.

Best of all, we create a predictable, reliable process from start to finish, with forecastable results.

When The Automatic Sales Funnel Machine for leads is complete, we will move on to the next service you want to boost.

You’ll be able to outgrow your competitors in the market because you can now create and nurture more of a personal relationship with each prospect and customer than ever before… automatically… done for you… marketing service.

#15 Executive Speech and Voice Coach

Saying the right thing in the right way to the right audience is extremely important.

When presenting in front of a camera, one-on-one or an audience the same is true, your message must be clear and authoritative.

Some think they are sending one message, but the audience is hearing something entirely different…  leads to disaster.

We will help you present your message in a clear, effective way to your selected audience with the executive presence and style you want and need to make an impact.

The Team:

Daron Powers:

Daron’s talents are downright powerful. He creates two-minute videos that leave the prospect wanting and asking for more. He has worked with small, medium and even Fortune 500 companies. He has had the pleasure of meeting with Edwards Deming. He also brings order and process using Edwards Deming methods that are time-tested and have been used all over the world. (After being turned away from U.S. engineers, Deming helped Japan between 1950 to 1960 to raise back up from the war to become the second-largest economy in the world.)

Darrell Jackson:

Darrell knows how to find highly qualified prospects and drive them to your website by using geo-targeting, retargeting, and then pumping up the ad delivery rate, so you get action. Darrell can pump ads into specific homes by using IP address targeting too. Use this solution in place of expensive direct mail. Darrell has been in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and puts his experience and professionalism to work for numerous clients. Some of his customers include automotive dealers, home builders, real estate brokers, financial establishments, healthcare facilities, politicians, professional organizations, home improvement companies, and the list goes on.

Greg Robinson:

Greg has the power to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time, seamlessly moving a prospect into a client using automation and direct marketing techniques. Once set up, the system produces results day after day, producing paying clients.

Corinne Barringer:

Corinne will help you refine your communication skills so you can speak more effectively and position yourself ahead of the competition. After analyzing your current status, she’ll work intensively with you one-on-one to improve not only your speech and delivery but also your overall executive vocal image. Corinne will help you identify and eliminate annoying mannerisms, learn to breathe properly, overcome stage fright, look good on camera and relax when giving a presentation. Gain the confidence you’ve been looking for in your speaking skills. Communicate a compelling message that your audience understands and believes in.

“We were spinning our wheels for over two years trying to improve our marketing.

With Mr. Powers, we got a marketing expert; and a professional who has the heart to understand and apply principles of leadership.”

– Greg Adair, President

Affordable HomeCare, Livonia, MI

“Within several months of polishing our marketing and developing several videos with Daron Powers, we began to get less push back on our work estimates. This improved our profit margins. When I asked customers why are you going with our company they replied, ‘“You’re the authority. We trust you over your competition.’” Matt Ciprianno, President, IWR, Chesterfield, MI


“I just returned from China, where following up on some leads.  Even though I’m not the engineer, I felt very confident that the materials we developed with Mr. Powers, and that I had with me was more than adequate to present our company, abilities and products.” John Donelly, CEO, Cold Forming Technologies, Sterling Heights, MI

Cold Forming Technologies

“It’s our busy season. By this time we’d have 4 solid projects on the board. This year we are at 13 projects and counting. The video Mr. Powers helped us to develop and post to our website and the BBB, is getting the phone to ring!”

– Steve Kwaske, Kwaske Construction, Jackson, MI

Kwaske Construction

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