The Team:

Daron Powers:

Daron’s talents are downright powerful. He creates two-minute videos that leave the prospect wanting and asking for more. He has worked with small, medium and even Fortune 500 companies. He has had the pleasure of meeting with Edwards Deming. He also brings order and process using Edwards Deming methods that are time-tested and have been used all over the world. (After being turned away from U.S. engineers, Deming helped Japan between 1950 to 1960 to raise back up from the war to become the second-largest economy in the world.)

Darrell Jackson:

Darrell knows how to find highly qualified prospects and drive them to your website by using geo-targeting, retargeting, and then pumping up the ad delivery rate, so you get action. Darrell can pump ads into specific homes by using IP address targeting too. Use this solution in place of expensive direct mail. Darrell has been in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and puts his experience and professionalism to work for numerous clients. Some of his customers include automotive dealers, home builders, real estate brokers, financial establishments, healthcare facilities, politicians, professional organizations, home improvement companies, and the list goes on.

Greg Robinson:

Greg has the power to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time, seamlessly moving a prospect into a client using automation and direct marketing techniques. Once set up, the system produces results day after day, producing paying clients.

Heather Jackson:

Heather wears many hats. She does content writing and creative design for clients. Often times she is a project manager during the onboarding process with customers and spends time optimizing campaigns so that they continuously improve.

Hillary Glaser:

Hillary helps large brands like the U.S. Navy and small brands like Belle Tire increase leads, sales, and web traffic through visibility tactics including UX, SEO, SEM, and Content Strategy.

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